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Cetdem’s mission

Posted in CETDEM by Faezah Ismail on May 17, 2010
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Cetdem will expand the scope of its work by setting up a think tank, says Cetdem chairman Gurmit Singh.

The Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia (Cetdem) is already 25 years old.

It is a major accomplishment for the “independent, non-profit, training, research, consultancy, referral and development organisation”.

And one of the first things it wants to do for the next 25 years is to set up a think tank, which will function as a unit within the organisation, to look at  sustainable development issues.

It will need RM1 million to set up and manage the research outfit for the first four years.

Cetdem chairman Gurmit Singh K.S. did not reveal the names of the researchers whom he wants for the think tank, saying that it’s  early days.

The think tank will study issues related to energy and environment, especially low-carbon economy and development.

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Organic Food Guide

Posted in CETDEM by Faezah Ismail on January 6, 2010
Organic food guide

Do you want to know about the organic farming movement in Malaysia?

Are you looking for a list of organic farmers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, manufacturers and food and resort operators?

Do you want recipes for healthy dishes?

Malaysia Organic Guide has the answers to these questions and more.

It is the result of a project undertaken by Malaysia’s Centre for Environment, Technology and Development or its acronym Cetdem to create “awareness of all actors in the organic farming field,” says chairman Gurmit Singh.

Cetdem initiated Malaysia’s first community-based organic farm in 1986, — the longest- running organic farm in the country — and the movement is gradually gathering momentum.

“We have moved past the stage of isolated farmers and retailers as well as the rare consumer looking for organic produce,” says Gurmit Singh.

He concedes that its size is nowhere near that of the conventional produce market.

The guide (RM25) is available from Cetdem’s office and selected organic shops in the Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Get your copy today.

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